We’ve all seen movies about zombie invasions. Panicking people in the streets, shooting soldiers and roaring helicopters and of course hordes of blood-thirsty creatures attacking everyone in their way and accelerating the spreading of the mortal decease… Not the most inspiring scenario, that’s for sure. And if you ever happen to experience something like this, you’ll have to act fast! Total Accurate Battle Zombielator throws you into the very epicenter of zombie apocalypse. You’ll find yourself surrounded by terrible monsters who want a piece of your flesh, with just a gun in your hands to defend yourself. Be vigilant and keep your finger on the trigger! There is no one else to help you; you can only rely on your own reflexes and dexterity. Zombies have no mercy, so don’t show them any either! Every second can be crucial for the outcome of the battle. If you miss just once, you may never get another chance. Stick out as long as you can or die fighting for your life!

When zombie apocalypse sweeps over the earth, there is no time to sit and wonder when the hungry monsters will come for you! Take a gun and set out on a wild zombie hunt! There will be plenty of zombies to shoot.  Sometimes even too many! Don’t give in to panic. Even when it seems that there is no way out and you are about to become a meal, quick reflexes and the courage of a true zombie hunter will save you from certain death! The game is incredibly thrilling and packed with adrenaline. You can spend hours firing your weapon at the approaching waves of enemies until your finger gets sore and still crave for more! Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator is a perfect pastime for those in love with shooters and zombies in particular!


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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