Battle Zombielator multiplayer


Some April fool’s jokes may become an ideal shot, especially if we are talking about games. Authors of Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator multiplayer said that they are canceling this project, and a Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator is their new goal. Of course, this not accurate information, because TABS are still playable, but zombies became a real hit, so you can play it any time, even if you failed to do this on April, 1st. This is a multiplayer that may provide a nice leisure for ten people at the same time maximum. You will take weapon in your hands and rush along the field that is filled with zombies.

There is nowhere to hide, so all you can do is to run forward and backwards, and shoot in numerous enemies. Each victim will bring you a certain reward, and you can spend your earned money on some useful things in store. Remember that you should think about your ammunition beforehand, and but necessary items before you run out of them. There aren’t practically any limits, but you should be very quickly, because other gamers may kill your zombie, and you will be left empty-handed. There are no buildings, where you can hide, but there are so many zombies like fish in the river, so you should hold your weapon and be ready to shoot without any stop.


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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