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If you like zombies, you should try Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator in last version, a new shooter that came out like an April joke, but it seems to become a perfect hit for those, who like extreme survival applications. No one has ever seen more zombies than in this game, because they are everywhere, and they are ready to attack you any second. All that you can do is to take your weapon and try to take the place under control. You won’t feel lonely, because it is a multiplayer. But don’t think that there will be too many humans, because the level may comprise no more than ten people at the same time. You may help each other, but don’t let others kill your zombies! You will be rewarded every time you kill your enemy, so you can later spend this money for useful upgrades.

The store contains great amount of weapon, and each of them has unique characteristics that will help you to act effectively on the battlefield. You can even buy a sniper gun, and aim better, before the zombie approaches you too close. Remember that they may kill you, even if they aren’t too close, so you should be very careful and quick. If you get wounded, you will see everything in red color, and they you will fall down and the game will be finished. Don’t forget that any survival game is difficult, and you won’t be able to be healthy for a long time, so just have fun and enjoy the process of killing zombies. Invite your friends, and this will make the process of playing even funnier.


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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