TABS Zombie Survival


Surviving is a very difficult process, and being Robinson Crusoe in real life isn’t that easy. But when you open the world of virtual reality, you understand that everything is possible, and you can do absolutely anything. You can kill any enemy; find food under impossible circumstances, and one o the major tasks is not to lose mental health during a breathtaking voyage, full of adventures. And the authors of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator decided to present a new project that was only an April First joke, but this idea was accepted by fans, and now you can play Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator without any restrictions, and see how your life will look like in the world that are full of zombies.

This shooter is multiplayer, and there may be up to ten people, playing simultaneously. You can make friends with people from all over the world, but make sure that you are careful enough and don’t let zombies approach you. If they come too close, they will hurt you, and you will probably die. Other gamers may help you in difficult situation, and kill zombie that hunts for you, but you should react quickly, because they may kill absolutely every zombie, before you can reach them, so you should keep this peculiarity in mind, and be as quick, as possible.

Your enemies doesn’t look scary, because they are not depicted in every detail, only varicolored bodies and big eyes that look right through you. The graphics isn’t ideal, and it may seem that you are wearing a helmet with a camera that is constantly shaking, but this adds special charm to the TABS Zombie Survival, because it is the first-person shooter. This game is rather odd, but it is very appealing and challenging, because killing zombies is not what you are used to in everyday life, so take your classmates, relatives and other close people with you into an adventurous trip, where you will learn about the price of life and support from your friends.


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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