TABZ 2017


Whether you take all the zombie virus horrors seriously or not, this game will blow your brains! Are you ready for hours of non-stop shooting and cursing? Are you ready for a hefty dose of adrenaline and last-second escapes? Does it thrill you to be just an inch away from death? Then Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator 2017 is just for you! This gruesome and totally amazing game is a first-person zombie shooter where you have to survive against a crowd of fierce monsters willing to make you one of them. There is no special catch hidden here – just shoot away as quickly and accurately as you can to take out all the enemies before they get to you. Zombies will attack in waves and every time their number, speed and strength will be growing. Don’t let them get a taste of your flesh! This isn’t a game for those with shattered nerves and slow thinking. You can’t waste even a second of your time. Keep your gun well-aimed and don’t lose hold of the trigger no matter what!


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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