TABZ gameplay


Zombies cause great troubles, if you believe Hollywood directors. How do you think, would you be able to save your life under terrifying circumstances or you die after the first second? You will never know until you try, and Totally Accurate Zombielator gameplay will help you in this trial. This simulator was a joke, but all gamers highly praised this new version of an old game, and authors made possible that everyone could play this application every day, no matter what the date is. This game is full of zombies that want to kill you, and you have to be the first, who shoots them.
This simulator is a multiplayer, so you may see other people on the battlefield. They may help you to kill your zombies, but they can take your reward. After you vanquish a certain enemy, you are given some money, and you may buy necessary things in the store. You can purchase guns and ammunition, and this will help you to defeat zombies quickly and effectively. They are very funny, and they can hide in different buildings that are not safe for you. This is a first-person shooter, and it seems that your character has got a helmet with a camera that records your every step. You should be very careful, because you may be hurt not only by zombies, but by humans as well, and then your blood will be spread on the entire field, and you will restart the game. If you take your friends with you, you will have nice company and support you on your way to free from zombies world.


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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