Fighting with tanks is of a very little interest nowadays, and the authors of TABS decided to create something extraordinary, and you can check out their new project, and say whether they succeeded or not. It is a Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator( TABZ ), and it is a first-person shooter, where you can meet up to nine other gamers, because it is a multiplayer, available to people from all over the world. Your main and the only task is to survive in a hostile environment and het the highest score, which would be not that easy, taking into account the number of people that are playing with you this very moment.

Let’s start by saying that zombies aren’t scary, and you may lose the desire to kill them. But you should remember that if they come close to you, they will hurt you, and you will die. So, there are only two options – either you kill, or you get killed. The process of shooting is very easy, and you will hardly ever run out of ammunition, but still you should keep an eye on it. Each zombie death brings you a reward, and you can spend them on various upgrades and new weapon that will vanquish your enemies more effectively. You can even buy a sniper gun, and become practically invincible. There are so many zombies that you have to have a lot of weapon, and this will help you to defeat your enemy better.

You should learn to aim your weapon, because zombies are running quickly, and they will reach you very soon, if you lose an opportunity to make a perfect shot. The only drawback of this game is that you can’t build bases, and you have to run the entire game. If you are tired of this process and stop to regain your breath, you should be ready to die. There are other players that may help you, even unintentionally, and defeat all rivals in front of you. If you invite your friends to play this game with you, you will get nice alias that will help you under any circumstances and give you necessary support. Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator gives you maximum of fun, and the process of dying has never been more curious than now. Even if you die, you will be able to restart the game, and make this survival game last for as long, as possible.


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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