Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator new update


Do you like battles? They may be different, accurate or not, and you should now what type you prefer. You can enjoy Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator, that was nothing more, than a joke, but it was highly praised, and authors decided to develop this project. This is a spin-off of a famous Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, so, if you are familiar with this game, you know what you’ll be dealing with. Here survival mod is activated, because zombies aren’t friendly, and they are doing their best to kill all humans.

Tanks are no longer interesting, because they are available to anyone, and you should find something peculiar. So, why don’t you try to survive in post-apocalyptical world, where you will face endless line of zombies that are waiting for you everywhere? No matter, whether you are in a field, or in a shabby building – they will find you everywhere, and their desire to eat you is enormous. You can’t stop; otherwise your opponents will catch you, and do terrible things with you. If they can reach you, you will me wounded, and blood will be everywhere on the screen.

This is an online multiplayer shooter, so you should be ready to see other people, who are fighting with zombies as well, as you do. You shouldn’t kill them, because they may help you, when you are in need. Everyone in TABZ is rather sketchy, and this makes the game funny and you will want to fight with your enemies again and again. You will see interesting location, and up to nine players that will be playing alongside with you. Killing zombies has never been funnier and easier than in this game. But beware: they may easily kill you as well, so you should better check your weapon, and ammunition. Invite your friends, and make the battlefield of Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator even more interesting together!


  • Look, strike and shoot
  • Jump, run

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