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Zombie apocalypse is one of the favorite sci-fi and horror scenarios that can be seen on TV screens and in comic books. Images of desolate cities packed with horrible monsters roaming the streets in search of fresh blood are everywhere. It thrills us to imagine that mankind can be wiped out by some mysterious virus that has no cure and only a small bunch of survivors keeps fighting for the rescue of the human race despite low odds. If you are a fan of zombies, you’ll definitely enjoy trying on the shoes of a zombie hunter and setting off on an adrenaline-soaked adventure in the middle of a highly dangerous location… Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator will give you such an opportunity!

Last man standing

Basically, the game is a first-person shooter that has a multiplayer mode. You’ll find yourself on a large map, with a gun in your hand and crowds of zombies rushing at you from all around. Don’t get confused and start shooting right away! Each second is priceless. If you are too slow or can’t aim very well, you’ll soon end up dead, so stay alert and don’t let any of the monsters come too close to you. While reflexes are crucial in this game, you also need to think fast and be capable of quickly evaluation the situation at hand and choosing the best possible tactics to get out alive. Help won’t arrive magically out of nowhere; the only person you can count on is you. Keep your eye on the entire map to trace potential danger before it gets imminent. Don’t stop shooting until you’re out of bullets!

Kill, earn, upgrade

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to proceed very far if you couldn’t upgrade your weapons. Killing zombies will bring you a certain amount of coins depending on the type and level of the opponent. This money can be spent to buy new ammunition and armor. The more zombies you take out the larger budget you’ll have to improve your equipment. New, more expensive kinds of weapons will allow you to shoot quicker and more efficiently for an even more impressive score. You can choose to purchase a lot of intermediate revamps and grow your firepower gradually or save up for one big killer upgrade and turn from a lousy survivor into an undefeatable zombie hunter overnight. The choice is yours.

Survival cooperation

Since TABZ is a multiplayer game, you’ll also meet other people on your zombie crusade. They are not your opponents, so it makes no sense to get rid of them. On the contrary, teaming up with other players will give you more chances to save your skin in a massive combat against a huge horde of strong monsters. Besides, you won’t feel so lonely amidst this empty city that used to be bustling with life just a few weeks ago. Kills as many zombies as possible, collect money, improve your ammunition and join forces with other hunters in a fascinating FPS that will give you hours of high-quality, breath-taking gameplay!